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If you need help with a legal matter Direct Access barrister, Bill Ryan, can provide you with expert legal advice and representation on a range of legal issues. Barristers in private practise can now be instructed by anyone in any area of law without using a solicitor (if the barrister is registered with the Bar Council for public access).

He can help you with advice and representation for court and tribunal hearings and he
can also draft legal documents in non-contentious matters e.g. terms of business or Wills.

Bill Ryan LLB (Hons) Barrister
If you have a legal matter that you need some help with please feel free to contact Bill Ryan to talk about your requirements and once he has enough information to advise you on an appropriate course of action he can then quote you for the work proposed and give a clear breakdown of the costs involved.

There is ALWAYS a free no obligation initial consultation and there is no charge to you unless you have asked for received and returned a signed copy of the Letter of Engagment. This is one of the advantages of using a Direct Access barrister.

So please contact Bill Ryan to find out how he could help you.

You should be aware that there are some restrictions on the type of work that can be undertaken this way. In particular barristers cannot conduct litigation, which in general terms this means that we can provide all the legal input required but cannot issue proceedings, serve documents, instruct expert witnesses or hold client’s money on account. How this might affect your case will be made clear at the start of any consultation and would be kept under review. These rules apply equally to all Direct Access barristers.


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